PUB receives an upgrade - Image

Because the Parkersburg Utility Board (PUB) is a public entity with thousands of customers wanting to take control of their utility accounts, creating a seamless online user experience for them by providing direct customer service tools was our ultimate goal. The challenge, however, was to organize and display the board’s abundance of information provided to customers in a logical and efficient manner. This involved strategic deliberation for both functional and visual purposes. After determining the best organization methods, we designed the interface of the website utilizing very little imagery and instead focused on color segmentation.

The new website not only looks refreshing but is a relief for PUB's administration and customers alike by implementing an online based payment portal and account management solutions. These advancements alleviated repetitive efforts and streamlined PUB’s customer service which in turn significantly improved PUB’s operational efficiency as a whole.

We also design a new brand image for the organization to help with public communication efforts.

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